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Union Ambulance Photo Gallery

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  • 2010 Union Ambulance Fleet

  • Medic Two - 4x4 Type 3 Modular Ambulance

  • Union Ambulance Medic Three

    Medic Three - Type II Ambulance

  • Union Ambulance Medic Four

    Medic Four - Type 3 Modular Long Distance Transporter, High Capacity Oxygen Cylinders, high capacity Fuel Tanks, Automation Chains

  • Union Ambulance Medfic Five

    Medic Five - Type II Ambulance

  • Union Ambulance Wheelchair Coach

    Wheelchair Coach

  • Union Ambulance Medic Six

    Medic Six - Type II Ambulance

  • Union Ambulance Medic Seven

    Medic Seven - Type II Ambulance

  • Union Ambulance Medic Eight

    Medic Eight - Type II Ambulance

  • Union Ambulance Cruiser

    "U A Cruiser" marketing and instructional teaching team vehicle

  • EVOC Class 2011

    Medic Five and Medic Three in use during Spring 2011 EVOC Class

  • EVOC Class Sprin

    Medic Two, Five, and Three being student operated on a closed course during Spring 2011 EVOC class

  • Union Ambulance Transport to Cleveland Clinic

    Medic Three - Transporting Surgical Patient into Cleveland Clinic for Liver transplant

  • Union Ambulance Finleyville Station One

    Finleyville Station One

  • Union Ambulance in Goshen, Indiana

    Union Ambulance taking possession of three new ambulances at the Medtec plant in Goshen, Indiana

  • Union Ambulance newly lettered

    Medic Six, Seven and Eight after arriving from Medtec Plant, newly lettered

  • Union Ambulance vehicles in the maintenance bay.

  • Union Ambulance at Community Day 2010

    Stat Medevac pre-scheduled landing in front of Union Ambulance Station One during the Finleyville Community Day 2010


    STAT MEDEVAC crew with Mary from the Union Ambulance marketing department

  • Union Ambu

    Finleyville Community Day - Sept 11, 2010